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I've been going to Cophers for roughly 20 years and never had a bad experience. Ever since LKQ took over things have been on the slide. Less selection, fewer cars, employees that are less knowledgeable, and care less! So I stopped spending my money with them, and went to big 3. In till the local LKQ crushed them with sales to the point big 3 closed! As much as I didn't want to I went to the LKQ in largo today to look for some small stuff for... Read more

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Unprofessional customer service who are rude and disrespectful. Rarely pick up customer service phones. After 150 miles on new reman engine started leaking from the factory installed rear main seal. When called their warranty department "Robert" he failed to honor the warranty and was finding ways to word the warranty description to not pay. It is sad how these people stay in business and take money from the general public while not honoring... Read more

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Repair shops and consumers stay away. Our company purchased a low mileage engine only to receive it damaged. We refused the engine because it was not secured properly on the truck that it was being shipped in. It was rolled over when the driver was trying to unload the engine we told the driver not to unload it and to send it back. It took more than 30 days to receive credit, ( after countless phone calls). When we received credit, it was... Read more

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You can take your $3 he can be rude to you He can't give you a and a cross reference But he can play on a cell phone And read a newspaper My LKQ is paying him to stand there Great customer service Dayton Ohio

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Purchased a transmission said to have only 25109 miles for a 2011 dodge nitro. After installation it was determined to have serious problems with the planetary gear in Frist and pan contained metal shavings and other debris including mud. The transmission was total garbage. However they did refund the original purchase price which was 586.00 great !! But left me hanging on the labor of 629.29 for a part we had zero benefit from Read more

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Lkq Corporation - Transmission Rip Off
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Purchased a recycled transmission for my wife's 2006 CLK500 Mercedes from LKQ Corp. After following all warranty instructions, having Mercedes dealership install it, the trans didn't work at all. Paid an estimate of $630. to have Mercedes check a tube on the valve body only to find that the used valve body can't be reflashed and must be replaced for an additional $2800.00! LKQ refuses any return or warranty options because you can't return after... Read more

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I don't really know how to start this review because this situation is the WORST decision I have made in my life. I am a female who does not know a lot about cars, but how to drive them. When my 2008 dodge Nitro's engine blew. I did not know what to do. But I was told by my mechanic that I need a new engine. So I called LKQ the WORST mistake of my life.(and I have made a lot of mistakes). When I called them I asked them about there warranty... Read more

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sun valley california location. plant manager juan lopez and his supervisor roger need to be let go or relocated as they are a pair of racists who pick and choose who they want in the yard. there are very few blacks as many were framed and kicked out of the yard over screws or little things they have made into a big deal. go there and see how many blacks go there. i hope others as well as me who plan to sue get our day in court to stop this from... Read more

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Crystal river Florida, the phone system dose not work right at all. I tryed to call and it just says, sorry that is a incorrect extension and thats pushing 0 or 4. Please fix the system!!

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Entrance fee of $5 dollars to walk through aisles full of junk parts strewn all over. Most of the cars are pure trash can full of junk. Some cars are nothing but a pile of parts, sand, rocks inside. Every interior panel is damaged and unusable, nothing to salvage out of it. They claim they have late model insurance vehicles, nothing but inner city urine infested rotten/damaged interior with most of the exterior parts unusable. Prices are way too... Read more

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