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LKQ STAFF Manager : Nick Supervisor : Sam Floor Lead : Kevin Tempstar Employee Windale Ganeous Start Date: Feb.17th 2017 End Date: June 15th 20017 Days attendant: (120) Days absence: (5) 3excused Roughly along my second month I was trained by floor lead to operate a forklift which supervisor & manager was well aware of after my 90 day probation was up roughly around May 17th manager presented me a LKQ application in reguards for hirer from such great work performance as well floor leardership along complimenting I don't mind giving my team a hand told him thx you appreciate the opportunity i felt proud and blessed at the same time tho shock within for a second i would roughly one week later completely filled out application completely and submitted to manger nick along with social security & identification card to make copy which is still currently on file Tho 2 weeks later round June 2th manager approaches me with a verbal propersition agreement that I be placed on 30day probation period of perfect attendance which was confirmed with a hand shake my supervisor and ever employee was acknowledged and aware of my challenge so during my start day I would remind supervisor my daily countdown day-29,28,27etc on June 9th i was told by another employee not to operate folklift in reguards not being certified tho have over 20 odds years of exsperience along with great safety I was astound because I was trained properly also out of 7 employees only one has licenses of certification yes I wanted to know if that statement was true tho currently working supervisor later passes through my work area so I asked my supervisor which leads him to say it was true Tho Same night supervisor gave employee Permission to operate forklift & stand up lift who has less experience ,time served nor certified later days go by so on June 14th 3:30am after our night was complete manager & supervisor spoke two employees and I in reguards of us still coming on permanent with the company manager told the two employees he's still waiting on their background check and towards me I have 2 more weeks left probation period my reply was ok kool later we all shook hands and said see y'all guys tomorrow then clocking out Next day on June 15th I arrived at LKQ clocked in for work as usual my daily routine tho not knowing manager had contacted my temp agency ending my assignment soon as i step on the floor looked to my left saw my manager supervisor and a first shift employee standing up talking tho quickly my manager steps away frum the 2 acting nervous and figerdy he yells out Windale you need to leave the premises so after walking towards exit in disbelief manager calls police and started video taping me as if i done something wrong keep in mind I car pool with an employee so didn't drive so had no way of leaving primeses as quick. All I know was I kept asking my manager why did he bleach our agreement then all of a sudden felt someone putting their hands on me with great force snatching me around yelling telling me I must leave immediately this guy had to at least be near 6/4 height 250 lbs.

he was real huge compared to me.

My supervisor steps in between and tell Paul he can not put his hands on anyone and escorted him to his truck come to find out it was the same guy who was standing up talking to my manager & supervisor when I first walked on the floor for work. Tho not one time or day have I went to work with violet behavior or intentions if so why would manger & supervisor pressure me to come on board over a month ago just saying.Also within my assignment my manager had made a wierd statement out the blue towards me saying Windale i thought you was Muslim I kinda took offense but never used any emotions nor commence tho discuss Employee who assaulted me name is Paul & still would love to presue lawsuit ( acts that took place ) A.) Micro Management B.) Disrimanation C.) Bias Through it all I'm asking for my job back along with back pay and me to finish out my 30day probation period that was agreed upon and for me to be treated fairly

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