Hildale, Utah

Do not use lkq, I purchased a transmission with an warranty after having three defective in a row ,veronica draper denied and refused to fix it . I have no problem talking about this with anyone my name is Jeff I can be reached at 928-848-2029 I can give more advise .

I filed a suit and won by default ,they don't care.

They will when the local news and social media and bbb start hearing from me tomorrow,now that I won my case,I called them and still no call back. Please deal free to call me so you don't make the same mistake

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Hi Jeff, I called you last week. I will copy your testimony. Thanks for your help.


Oh and btw, this guys an ***. ^^^^ I buy good parts from them all the time.

to Me Englewood, Colorado, United States #808109

Only Idiots buy from them. You are the only one of 27 reviews that have a single positive thing to say about LKQ, Odds are not looking good 1 out of 27 really?

NOT a company I would recommend, and I use to work for them. As an employee I was told not to bother with the everyday customer that there is NO PROFIT in them, to just concentrate on commercial accounts.

Ya really good company huh? you must be one of the deaf and blind Sheeple?

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